Elizabeth and I are the Founders of CAMPBELL’S CHOICE and the Directors of THE CHOICE MOVIE COMPANY!

A fitting name due to the many devastating choices we both had to make to now experience our very clear mandate.

A mandate to bring unity within the body and healing between Jew and Gentile, through prophetic foresight and God given wisdom and Elizabeth’s many talents.

The one talent of Elizabeth’s is story telling which resulted in her writing her first book called THE CHOICE! Becoming a best seller, partly because of me being a book publisher at the time and then miraculously becoming her husband! Our love for each other and this true life love story has touched countless lives all around the world over the past 19 years, highlighting God’s heart for oneness, especially in these end times.

Then came her next quirky titled booklet and DVD called: “SHABBAT SHALOM and all that JAZZ – What’s that got to do with ME? A product that has set many people free about where we all fit into God's big picture and that His feasts are the testimony of Jesus, the spirit of prophecy. Best way forward is to share the link of the promo for your interest.

View SHABBAT SHALOM and all that JAZZ here

Our passion for God’s blended family and the reconciliation after 2000 years of separation, drives us forward with never ending fervour because we know it’s God’s heart too, for such a time as this!

Therefore making a MOVIE…..even in time of such uncertainty is purely because it clearly has God’s stamp of approval all over it. Having the very best movie making teams, both here in South Africa and in Israel, ready for ACTION! And our wonderful Director from Israel having said: “THE CHOICE is probably the most important movie I will ever make in my lifetime!”


Here is a short PROMO clip to give you an idea of our end time movie project.  Click here

We trust that this website will give you good insight into who we are and what we are all about. You too might hear the call to make THE CHOICE and join our team…….SO enjoy the many clips sprinkled within the copy that were made over the years, especially the one called THE POWER WITHIN and see how young we looked 12 years ago!!

Our mission statement is: “IT’S TIME TO MAKE THE CHOICE AND BECOME ONE WITH GOD AND ONE ANOTHER!” And family watch this space, we ain’t seen nothing YET!



I was born in 1960 in the small country town of Queenstown, South Africa, from farming stock in the region called the Eastern Cape, where the English ......

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campbell art

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This is my personal account of true love which was put to the ultimate test, despote the extreme adversity of circumstances: religion and cultural differences, political and public persecution, separation and distance - only to be put to the ultimate test.


In a moment of truth I was forced to make THE CHOICE between the man of my dreams and my Messiah!  Changing my life forever and challenging my faith with far reaching consequences....


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The Choice


After 19 long years, we have finally arrived at the point of having an exciting script of THE CHOICE adapted to the silver screen!  Tweaked by Omri Rose, one of Hollywood's best script editors.


God's thumb print is all over this project as we have secured the top production houses both here in South Africa and in Israel. ......


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