I was born 1960 in the small country town of Queenstown, South Africa, from farming stock in the region called the Eastern Cape, where the English immigrants settled in the 1820’s.


After spending my school years in the coastal town of East London, I went to study Graphic Design for three years at the Cape Technikon in Cape Town.


Having always harboured a desire to travel, travel I did, winding up for three years in the late 1980’s in my favourite place, Israel. A time in my life that was to change my destiny forever!


A destiny that was wrapped up in a choice that I had to make between my Israeli fiancé at the time, or my Messiah. The bitter sweet end result of my decision led to a book I wrote, aptly called “THE CHOICE”.


The increasing popularity of my true love story has opened many a door to invitations as a guest speaker at women’s conferences, seminars, schools, youth camps and many other religious and secular forums. The path has been one of encouraging the faithful and challenging the secular with my journey of getting to know God in my trials.


Here is a clip of a television program I was apart of called THE POWER WITHIN which gives you a wonderful peek into my story - (video top right)


As mentioned before, The Choice is NOW being made into a movie, a plot and love story that Shakespeare would have been proud to come up with! A journey beyond my wildest dreams and expectations. Click on THE CHOICE button to see our fantastic teaser. Under the working title of ‘DANCING WITH FAITH’.


The book was published in 2003…and that’s not to neglect the fact that I married the publisher, James Campbell and became the step-mum of five all in the same year and now 15 years later, a proud step granny of seven grand children!


To say that God knows the long term plans He has for us, plans to prosper us and not to harm us, has become a reality. The one plan being that my husband Jamie and I share our lives and passion for Gods blended family both Jewish and Christian through a few avenues but mainly THE ARTS. Here is a link to one of our concerts held in 2015 that was televised: (video middle)


Whether we are raising awareness or money for the movie, organising these large concerts, hosting Shabbat suppers or organizing “WIZO- RUTH BRANCH” GATHERINGS, we are kept wonderfully busy! Busy reconciling people as shown in this clip of what we have achieved over the past 5 years with our Jewish sisters of WIZO (Woman’s International Zionist Organisation): (video bottom)


The two communities so need to be understanding of each other in these end of days, where God's people and ways are under threat. May we be those that provoke our Jewish family to jealousy as they see the light of their Messiah in us through our love and support. A vital happening that MUST take place now as God, by His Spirit unites His ONE NEW MAN – JEW AND GENTILE before His soon return.


So if you hear the call to partner with us (financially or any other level) on this extra-ordinary journey, where via the silver screen, we can touch this broken world with this powerful end time true life love story, contact me!


I look forward to hearing from you – SHALOM


P.S. Lastly, if it interests you, log onto my art website campbell-art.co.za and see what else I get up to in my ‘spare’ time!