SHABBAT SHALOM AND ALL THAT JAZZ booklet and DVD became a VERY clear and needed product when we saw the growing awareness amongst God’s people to understand His ancient paths.


This is a move of the Spirit for sure, but with it came the imbalance where many swopped one form of religion for another, creating much hurt and deception to this day!


This booklet and DVD is now available to bring the balance through my very own experience of walking this way.  A way that is NOT about us all rushing off and becoming Jews, but a Divine way of learning how to have Jesus formed in us while aligning ourselves with the House of Judah and making sure we are ready for the Messiah’s soon return.  


Through the booklet and also a very animated DVD (that for me was a scary experience), makes it all the more real, fun and understandable.  We know that it will bring you much peace and revelation in these end times.  May you be greatly enriched.


Price: R 220 (excluding postage)
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