GOD’S APPOINTED TIMES AND SEASONS poster is a wonderful teaching tool that has enlightened many about our Hebraic Heritage. If you have not purchased our latest booklet and DVD called ‘SHABBAT SHALOM AND ALL THAT JAZZ – What’s it got to do with ME?’ you are missing out on a wonderful teaching about Jesus’ testimony, hidden within God’s appointed times and seasons. Thus, we encourage you to purchase this booklet and DVD.


It is in this product, that Elizabeth uses this art work to explain beautifully how Jesus fulfils the Word of God, thereby making your learning experience a joy. God’s festivals are the shadows He gave us to explain the first and second coming of Jesus. A valuable teaching on how the Bride of Christ can align herself with the heart of God and be conformed into His image. All the while getting ready through her sanctification for His soon return. God’s ways of sanctification, hidden from past generations, but now made known!


Then there the THE TREE OF LIFE poster, inspired by Hollisa Alewine’s CREATION GOSPEL teachings. Another very profoundly visual explanation about Gods Gospel, which is like a blueprint coded into almost everything He created.


Should you purchase any one of these two Menorah posters, you will receive a brief but fabulous brochure, to help you in your understanding of our MIGHTY God and how He has given us ALL the methods through His ordinances to become more like Him and be God’s LIGHT in this dark, lost world.


It is truly a revelation of our times and will rejuvenate your life, faith and walk with God.


Prints on paper: size 50cm x 40cm – Price R450.00
Prints on Canvas: size 50cm x 40cm – Price R950.00
(R100 extra for postage)