This very helpful Hebraic calendar called IT’S TIME was the brainchild of my good friend, Michelle Moller, of Touching His Hem Ministries. Her idea totally gripped my heart the minute she asked me to be the artist of this wonderful endeavor.

This is our final third volume with all the twelve art works completed which can be framed and enjoyed once this year is completed.

Many have been blessed out of their socks by the profound information it shares on how to walk Gods ancient paths keeping Jesus/Yeshua central. I have always loved calling these ways of our King, His GPS – God's Paths to Sanctification.

This year’s calendar starts at Passover which is on the 27th March 2021. Please log onto her website: Touching His Hem to order your copy and learn all about how to cleanse our hearts. A great necessity in these last days as the bride gets ready His way to meet her King.