Way back on the 29th August 1897 in the town of Basil. Switzerland, a Zionist Visionary, Theodor Hertzel called a meeting amongst prominent Jewish folk about the inheritance that God had given them many years ago, the Land of Israel (Ps 135 v 12). They were a people landless for nearly 2000 years, so very courageously he prophesied that in 50 years time the Jewish People would have their land back and be a nation once again!


Well, a hundred years later in 1984, with the Jewish nation thriving against all odds for 50 years already, a Christian Zionist conference was held in the very same city and building to show our solidarity. Here we declared our support and ongoing commitment to Israel to keep her inheritance from the God of their forefathers.


This is when I was commissioned by The International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem to design a LOGO that would be fitting to show our unity.


With such a daunting mandate and very little time on my side, a desperate prayer went up to the God of Israel for inspiration!


Literally in a flash the design came to me and I knew THE STAR OF ZION was born. I take NO credit for it, as it was truly Divinely inspired and has, since then, become the International symbol for Christian Zionism plus bought by many Jewish folk too.


When worn as a pendant or earrings, it always stimulates wonderful interest as to its origin, where you can share this story. Our prayer shawl too has this logo proudly in the centre, symbolic of the one new man – Jew and Gentile coming together in UNITY.


As a pendant it is available in two different sizes:


2cm in diameter (R250) and 2.5cm in diameter (R300)


Earrings (R300) – all excluding postage.


The STAR OF ZION can also be ordered in Gold – prices on request.


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