Elizabeth Robertson Campbell
Born in Queenstown and schooled in East London
Born again at age 14
Graphic Fine Arts at Cape Town Technikon – 1980
The International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem – 1983 – 1985 Commissioned artist
Author of “The Choice” currently sold plus minus 5000 copies globally
Author of “Shabbat Shalom and all that Jazz – What’s it got to do with ME?”
Professional artist and public speaker


Jamie Campbell

Born in Cape Town and schooled in Queenstown
Born again at the age of 24 under Frank Retief’s ministry
Qualified as a Diplom’d Civil Engineer – 1976
Qualified as Organisation & Methods Officer in the City Council
Former National Director of Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship
Owned El Shaddai Bookshop and Successful Christian Living
Former Manager of the International Book Division of LUX VERBI for 10 years under Stephan Spies as C.E.O
Member of Christian Leaders Fellowship Cape Town in the 80’s and 90’s with Derek Morphew


Elizabeth Robertson Campbell and Jamie Campbell
We have been married for 19 years and the fruit of our union speaks for itself. The Church for us is not an organization or building but a living ORGANISM made up of living stones, that functions best when we are in relationship and accountable to one another.


We make ourselves available and accountable to these dear folk and give and receive from each other on a regular basis.  Please feel free to contact anyone of them should you need a reference.


Mel and Joyce Tari - worldmission@cox.net
Peter and Carol Grobler - peterg@lantic.net
Dave and Ena Hibling - hibling@telkomsa.net
Peter and Susan Fox - foxes@icon.co.za


We have been ordained by the late Liz Austin to be Ministers of the Gospel by “Good News World Outreach,” located in Fort Worth, Texas, USA.
Robert and Janet Mawire, the founders – remawire@yahoo.com


For further information or to make an appointment for a speaking engagement, call Elizabeth on 082 421 6728 or Jamie on 082 901 2687


E-mail us on liz@cambells–choice.co.za or click on CONTACT.


It would be our pleasure to serve you in any way we can.


God’s richest blessings


Jamie & Elizabeth