Shabbat Events


The reason why I call the Sabbath an event is because it truly IS an ETERNAL EVENT that God commanded His people to obey once a week, 52 times a year! Such an important EVENT, that He instituted it to be obeyed once a week, which is pretty often, obviously driving a very important point home!


For the past 2000 years I feel the church has been totally robbed of this amazing GIFT of REST that our Creator God gave to mankind, the jewel of His creation And because of a gross misunderstanding of the Shabbat’s health and spiritual benefits, we are perishing with the rest of the world from burnout and exhaustion!!


It is also a weekly prophetic declaration that we are His people, the very strong, once a week SHOUT-OUT to the spirit world that we are His set apart, chosen people and treasured possession. Who in their right mind, understanding this revelation and sign of ownership, would say NO?? We have been perishing for a lack of this knowledge!


So there is no better way than to share these links I made last year during lockdown, explaining its priceless, physical, spiritual and emotional benefits in three YouTube clips.


An introduction to the Sabbath (see YouTube link below)
The how to’s of Shabbat (see YouTube link below)
How to make your own Shabbat bread called “Challah or Kitkah” (see YouTube link below)


We trust that you will catch this incredible revelation and start gleaning from the incredible riches contained herein. Also identifying with the House of Judah all over the world, bringing unity between Jew and Gentile, God's way, called His Ancient Paths. Let alone to think that these events/feasts of the Lord God are all coded with the testimony of Jesus. Because He is the word of God made flesh. Yes, even once He is here ruling and reigning from Jerusalem, they will continue as the eternal protocol of His Kingdom. It is also a vital way to prepare the Bride to learn how to enter into His finished work and prepared for when He comes to rule and reign with Him. What an incredible future we have and we had better be ready!