The Choice Book


I met my husband, James Campbell, through the publishing of my book called “THE CHOICE.” In the beginning, little did I know the Divine master plan behind this book been written. Shakespeare would have been proud to come up with a plot like this one: a young South African artist goes to work at the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem where she meets a fervent young Orthodox Jewish man, who has been taught to despise everything the young artist believed in!


This is my personal account of true love which was put to the ultimate test, despite the extreme adversity of circumstances: religion and cultural differences, political and public persecution, separation and distance – only to be put to the ultimate test.


In a moment of truth I was forced to make THE CHOICE between the man of my dreams and my Messiah! Changing my life forever and challenging my faith with far reaching consequences.


THE CHOICE is an inspirational journey as colorful as my paintings which capture the spirit of my fascination and love for the human condition; its strength and frailty in the context of passionate commitment.


Both genders, young and old, Jewish and Christian have been enthralled by this story. Bringing much needed understanding and bridging the age old gap between the two faiths and encouraging dialogue. Many have said it's “A must read!”


THE CHOICE has now been translated into German entitled: “Die Entscheidung Meines Lebens” and can be found on: Lulu Bookstore


And can be ordered now by e-mailing me: