the choice movie

After 19 long years, we have finally arrived at the point of having an exciting script of THE CHOICE adapted to the silver screen! Tweaked by Omri Rose, one of Hollywood’s best script editors.


God’s thumb print is all over this project as we have secured the top production houses both here in South Africa and in Israel. Together with one of Israel’s best Directors, Doron Eran we cannot go wrong, with everyone on team knowing that this story has been reserved FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS! Never before has our shattered world needed a true life love story of this nature. Bringing hope, love and understanding about where we all, Jew and Gentile, fit into this global/cosmic narrative. It's theme has all the ingredients for becoming a block buster of our century purely because for 2000 years, this unity between Jew and Gentile has not been possible until these last days before Messiah can come. It is God's story of the hour to show the world how much He loves us all and wants us to be one with each other and He is one.


Here is a link of a gripping TEASER that we made in 2014 and some fabulous pictures of the process while shooting it here in Cape Town!  View here 


We feel time is short and what better way to share this story with the world than via this extraordinary art form of movie making. So against all odds, if anyone feels led to find out more about this enormous and WILDLY exciting project – feel free to contact us!